10/03/2012 04:44 pm ET

Ashton Kutcher Robbed? Actor Reportedly The Victim Of Home Invasion Prank

It's never good when you receive a call that your home has been robbed. But it can almost seem worse when it turns out you were the victim of a sick joke.

Ashton Kutcher had this unfortunate experience when his Los Angeles home was reportedly invaded this afternoon. Authorities rushed to the actor's house after they received a 911 call claiming shots had been fired.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim said she locked herself in the bathroom and several Russian men with weapons were robbing the house. Members of the LAPD surrounded Kutcher's home, calling out for the three men, who were eventually taken into custody. They are currently being questioned, but one law enforcement source tells TMZ that the men might actually have been hired by Kutcher to work on the property.

Cops never found the "victim" who made the mysterious 911 call, so authorities are assuming this could all be one big misunderstanding.

Sorry Kutcher, you may not be the king of pranks anymore.



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