10/03/2012 12:02 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2012

D&D Craigslist Ad: Woman Reacts To Topless Dungeon Master Request For Bachelor Party

There's no party like a Dungeons and Dragons party.

But no groom-to-be worth his weight in geldings brings a male dungeon master to his bachelor party.

An ad posted to Craigslist on Tuesday in Maryland seeks a topless female dungeon master -- the player who essentially tells the story and acts as referee for a D&D game -- for a bachelor party.

Ladies, now's your chance to show five guys that you're more than just a level 1 half-elf cleric newbie.

"Looking for a woman with Dungeon Master experience in Dungeons and Dragons to run a game," the ad reads. "The event is for a bachelor party and the 'future husband to be' would prefer if the DM could be topless. With that said, I ensure you that nothing else is expect of you other than an exciting adventure."

Well, maybe there are a few expectations, at least according to the rules in the ad:

  • Dungeon Master experience in Dungeons and Dragons (preferably in 3rd or 3.5 Editions)
  • Must be able to provide a picture including the face and body (No nudes please.)
  • It is preferable that cup size be at least C or greater.
  • If books are needed it must be stated ahead of time however it would be preferable if the DM had her own.

HuffPost Weird News contacted a level 5 Sylph oracle who lives in the Boston area to get the female perspective on the ad. Steph Tyll -- known in D&D as Vitra -- said the group has a slim chance of finding any self-respecting lady to do the deed, let alone a dungeon master.

"I can't imagine most women enjoying that kind of thing, but that might be my own point of view!" Tyll said. "And I do have to say that most [dungeon masters] I know are men. I'm not quite sure why, honestly -- [Being a dungeon master] is about ... the logistics of organizing a campaign, administrative type stuff. Most women gamers I know are a bit more organized than their male counterparts."

Tyll also saw another peculiar request in the ad: that the topless dungeon master stick around for at least 30 minutes. A solid campaign usually lasts at least two hours, if not eight hours or an entire day, she said.

In any case, the offer is on the table. If you're interested, pick a day before Oct. 11th and contact the men who posted the ad.



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