10/03/2012 04:18 pm ET

Kara Alongi Found: New Jersey Teen Who Said Someone Was In Her Home In Tweet Hoax Found On Highway

The New Jersey teen who set Twitter on fire when she tweeted that someone was in her home -- and then went "missing" -- was found walking along a highway on Tuesday.

Kara Alongi, 16, was lying when she tweeted, "There is someone in my hour[sic] ecall 911," cops told CBS News.

Clark Police K-9 units had tracked her scent through the back door of her home and through a neighbor's yard, and talked to a cab driver who confirmed that he gave her a ride to the Rahway Train Station. When police deemed the tweet a hoax on Tuesday, her mother pleaded with her to come home.

"Kara please call us. Let us know you're safe," her mom, Kim, said in an interview with the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Less than 24 hours later, officers found the teen walking along the New Jersey Turnpike in Carneys Point.

Since her hoax tweet, her followers have skyrocketed to above 100,000 on Twitter. She also has 35,000 retweets on the hoax post. Some of her followers haven't been so kind after it was found she was lying, The Huffington Post has found:

  • @PatBaker12: Whilst looking for Kara I found, my lanyard, 2 bucks, a soda in the fridge, and the last donut. #Success #HelpFindKara
  • @IAmJossh: After reading her tweets, I'm just sitting here like #helpfindkara some manners.. She was kind of rude.
  • @ZACHARYDUPUIS: I really do hope this girl is found but tweeting #helpfindkara is about as useful as tweeting "There is someone in my hour ecall 911"
  • @TheScottyAdams: If #helpfindkara is the girl who cried wolf, karma is going to have its way with her...
  • @frankcalcutta: @CaseyAnthony: #helpfindkara" OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST TWEET THIS

It's yet unclear what her motivation was for the fib.



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