10/03/2012 08:35 am ET

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift And More Stars' Fashion Risks That Have Paid Off (PHOTOS)

From the time we're little we're given a whole list of things we can't do: never take candy from a stranger, don't go near the stove when it's hot and white after Labor Day is totally taboo.

Although many of the lessons we learned as kids might be true, there is a slew of fashion advice out there that can lead you astray. Of course too short, too sheer and too revealing are tried and true ways to end up on a worst-dressed list, but what about mixing navy and black? How about wearing socks with sandals? There are many fashion statements we're told to avoid, but, if carried off correctly, can make you a real trendsetter.

We've rounded up seven of the most commonly misperceived fashion faux pas and are showing you how to wear them -- and get away with it. Click through our slideshow to find out how to make shoulder pads work and other great ways to take fashion risks and reap the rewards.

10 Wardrobe Choices People Mistake As Fashion Faux Pas

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