10/03/2012 02:57 pm ET

Lena Dunham Talks 'Girls' With Most Powerful Women

Actress, writer, and director Lena Dunham joined CNN's Soledad O'Brien on stage at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit.

Below is an unedited transcript:

STEPHANIE MEHTA: I'm very excited about our next session. Fortune does some things very well. We know business. We've got business covered. But although we have a lot of women from media at our summit, and though we are part of a big media company, Time Warner, we very rarely get the woman of the moment at the moment that she is in the moment at the Fortune MPW Summit, at least when it comes to the entertainment industry. This year we got it right.

I'm very pleased to introduce the creator, director, star of the HBO show "Girls." She made quite a splash at her Emmy debut last week, arguably upstaging some of the winners, and in a rare move of corporate synergy, HBO is owned by Time Warner, CNN is owned by Time Warner, so CNN Soledad O'Brien is going to interview Lena Dunham, creator of the show Girls.

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