10/03/2012 06:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

President Anniversary: Michelle Reveals Why She Married Barack

Wednesday's presidential debate will test both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's personal characters, but at least President Obama can go in knowing that it was his character that won over wife Michelle.

The First Lady spoke to Steve Harvey on his morning radio show Wednesday about her marriage, saying she married the president for his "character" but that she was reluctant to support her husband's political ambitions at first because "politics is one of those mean, ugly kinda things sometimes."

"I didn't want my husband to go through all of that," she told Harvey. "But then I thought, this is the kind of man, person, we want in office, and if I don't support him then I'm being really selfish."

Michelle's segment with Harvey coincides with the First Couple's 20th wedding anniversary, which is also Wednesday. In celebration, the president tweeted a romantic note to his wife, calling her his "best friend" and the love of his life, and later posted a photo of himself and Michelle on their wedding day. The First Lady responded with an equally sweet tweet. See screenshots of the tweets below.

The First Lady previously described her dream anniversary date to People, saying she would love to retrace the steps of the Southern California road trip she and Barack took on their honeymoon.

If you'd like to wish the Obamas a happy anniversary, the Obama-Biden campaign website is allowing voters to sign a digital anniversary card for the presidential pair.




The Obama's twitter PDA is awfully cute, but it's nothing compared to their in-person affection. Click through the slideshow below to see the Obamas' sweetest PDA moments.

Obama PDA Moments!

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