10/04/2012 01:55 pm ET

The Funniest Tweets From The 2012 Presidential Debate

The first debate of the 2012 presidential election set some records last night -- "Sesame Street" favorite Big Bird became an online sensation, moderator Jim Lehrer earned a Twitter handle (SilentJimLehrer) and the event became the "most tweeted-about event in U.S. politics."

All made for some hilarious commentary in the Twitterverse.

Twitter went crazy Wednesday night when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney took to their podiums for the first presidential debate in Denver. More than 10 million tweets were sent during the 90-minute debate, making it "the most tweeted-about event in U.S. politics."

Some of the peaks from the night, according to the Twitter Political Index, were: Lehrer's quipping "Let's not" when Romney suggested a topic; Obama complaining to Lehrer that he "had five seconds" before he was interrupted; and the discussion of Medicare.

"Lehrer with the ZINGER OF THE NIGHT: Let's not!" tweeted Vanity Fair.

When Obama told Lehrer "I had five seconds before you interrupted me," Twitter users called the president's "sassy response" the "best moment of the night."

Another hot button topic during the presidential debate was none other than Big Bird.

When talking about government spending, Romney said he would cut funding to non-essential items like PBS (which hosts "Sesame Street"). "I'm sorry Jim. I'm gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm gonna stop other things," Romney said. "I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too." Tweeters questioned if Romney is already looking to cut more jobs, namely Elmo's.

Check out some of the funniest tweets from the 2012 presidential debates below.

Funniest Tweets from the First Presidential Debate