10/04/2012 11:03 am ET

Kendall Jenner Texting And Driving: Teen Accused Of Texting On The Road, Swerving Across Freeway

Because Kendall Jenner is a teenager, we're going to take a moment to lecture her about her dangerous driving habits.

For the second time in as many months, the 16-year-old reality star and model was spotted driving recklessly on a Los Angeles freeway -- texting while at the wheel and swerving across the road, reports RadarOnline.

Beyond just being dangerous, it's also been illegal in California to text while operating a vehicle since January 2009, and drivers under the age of 18 aren't even allowed to use a cellphone with a hands-free device -- which means there is no excuse for Jenner, and photos obtained by the website show that she appears to be concentrating on her iPhone, rather than the road.

More worrisome is that this is the second time Jenner has been spotted driving dangerously, which is not the best way to say "thank you" for the $90,000 Range Rover given to her by her parents Bruce and Kris Jenner, for her 16th birthday.

According to a witness driving on the 405 freeway in the Calabasas area (where the Jenners live), the witness noticed Jenner's Range Rover in the other lane, and became alarmed when Jenner's car started "dangerously drifting" into the other lane.

“When I glanced through my car window, I saw that Kendall Jenner was driving the other vehicle, but she wasn’t looking at the road, her eyes were fixed on her cell phone!" the driver told RadarOnline. “In fear she would crash into me, I sounded my horn and Kendall looked across, but she appeared unfazed. I made some signals to her to get off the phone, but she just sped off.

The witness claims that a few minutes later she caught up with the teen and could see that she was still texting while behind the wheel. The driver alleges that Kendall "was swerving in her lane, from one side to the next, and she wasn’t paying attention to other drivers."

We could chalk this up to a teenage mistake, but in August another driver claimed they were "nearly sideswiped" by Jenner's Range Rover, and "thought the driver was intoxicated" because of how much she was swerving across the road.

We have to say that we're surprised by Kendall's alleged behavior, given that she's appeared to be more down-to-earth than her superstar sisters, but maybe it's time Kendall's momager, Kris Jenner, revoke her daughter's driving privileges before the police do -- no one wants to be the next Amanda Bynes.

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