Malcolm, Fearless Little Boy, Narrates Father-Son Mountain Biking Trip (VIDEO)

"I'm doing it! I did it, dad! I loved it!"

The opening of of 4-year-old Malcolm's mountain biking video diary is so endearing, you'd be forgiven for expecting that things could only go downhill (pardon the pun). They do, of course -- but only literally.

The video, set at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire and apparently shot from a camera on the top of Malcolm's helmet, is impressive on its own -- but as Redditors are pointing out, the boy's half-shouted, half-muttered monologue is a hilarious plus. Case in point: he answers dad's "Can you see well?" with "No, I don't need to pee."

The little tumble Malcolm takes just after the four-minute mark is hardly an obstacle to his fearless progress -- not to mention his eager encouragement of a sometimes-cautious father ("I want you to try to do the drop, it's just like ours at home... It's fun, dad, trust me! ... You wouldn't be afraid of doing that!").

Malcolm himself only appears on-screen as a cartoon-like shadow -- but he can also be seen biking and skiing in other YouTube videos.

Redditors are already comparing him to other viral video legends, like Jessica of "Daily Affirmation" fame -- so if he doesn't make it big as a pro biker, he might at least achieve immortality online. Until then, we say: Thumbs up for rock and roll!



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