10/04/2012 04:00 pm ET

Mariah Carey, 'American Idol' Judge, Upset Nicki Minaj Blowup Video Was Leaked

Mariah Carey isn’t upset that things got heated between Nicki Minaj and her on the set of "American Idol," but she is upset that a tape of the incident was leaked to the media.

“Mariah has been in the business for a long time and has seen it all but never has she had anything leaked from a closed set,” a friend of Carey said. “The fact that the producers are not searching to find out how this footage and audio got leaked tells you who was behind it.”

The shocking footage comes from auditions in Charlotte, N.C, on a private set on which only authorized personnel were allowed. Security around the taping of "Idol" has been high since the show debuted, and contestants are asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

“The producers know that the show needs PR to make it must-see TV again and this won’t be the first or the last leak,” one "Idol" expert tells me. “You don’t think every 'Idol' scandal in the past 12 years didn’t come from within their walls? Corey Clark, Scott Savol’s arrest records, even Philip Phillips' kidney issues. I guarantee all that stuff was leaked on purpose for publicity.”

Reps for Minaj, Carey and "American Idol" had no comment. However, host Ryan Seacrest, who was just outside the room during the incident, said on his radio show, “Yesterday it got heated ... It was intense, I'll be honest with you."

“Mariah is a perfectionist and is used to being in control of her image,” a TV producer who has worked with the singer tells me. “I’m sure she is shocked and disappointed that this happened, but it won’t stop her doing her job.”



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