10/04/2012 06:28 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen's Cecil Chao Movie, 'The Lesbian,' In Developement

Sacha Baron Cohen has found his next controversial comedy. As reported by both Variety and Deadline.com, Cohen will develop a film based on Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong billionaire who recently offered up a $65 million bounty to any man who could marry his daughter. Cohen's film is tentatively titled "The Lesbian" because Chao's daughter, Gigi, is currently married to a woman.

Little else is known about the comedy, beyond that Cohen could also star in the film. It obviously wouldn't be the first time the comic courted controversy: Cohen's last feature "The Dictator," was about a tyrannical North African ruler who came to America. According to the original Paramount press release about "The Dictator," the film "was inspired by the best selling novel 'Zabibah and The King' by Saddam Hussein." By the time "The Dictator" was released, however, connections to Hussein's novel were severed.

Despite Chao's strange offer, Gigi Chao said she wasn't upset with her father in an interview with the AP.

"I'm actually on very, very loving terms with my father. We speak on a daily basis. He just has a very interesting way of expressing his fatherly love," Chao, 33, said.

Chao married her wife in France after being in a relationship for seven years. According to the Telegraph, Chao has dated both men and women in her life.

For more on Cohen's film, head over to Variety.

[via Variety]

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