10/04/2012 10:01 am ET

The Flirty Gchats That Tempted A Girl To Cheat

Alexis was not going to kiss Nate. She was not going to flirt with Nate. She was definitely not going to sleep with him. But, god, Alexis was attracted to Nate.

She met him on the campus radio station at the New England university they attended. Nate was 6’4 and crushingly handsome but a little nerdy. He was her type — but she had a boyfriend back home in California. The two fought a lot, but the last time she'd seen him, he gave her a promise ring and swore he wanted to marry her. She wanted to try to make this work.

And then Alexis kept bumping into Nate through friends in common. They started jokey-flirting on GChat.

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