10/04/2012 08:25 am ET

Valerie Trierweiler: Lawyer Tells First Lady You Can Be 'Dignified With...Cellulite'

When your partner is the president of a country, you're bound to get some unsolicited flak from the masses. But we wonder how Valérie Trierweiler, the First Lady of France, is taking this statement from a French magazine's lawyer:

"You can still be dignified with a bit of cellulite."

We're guessing not very well, considering Trierweiler wants the magazine, Closer, to pay her £16,000 (close to $27,000) in damages for publishing photos of her wearing a bikini. (Closer is the celebrity magazine that also published topless photos of Kate Middleton; it is currently under criminal investigation for breaching the royal couple's privacy.)

Trierweiler's lawyer has claimed the first lady had no idea the photos of her and partner President Francois Hollande on a private beach in the south of France were being taken, according to the Daily Mail.

In response, Closer's lawyer made the "dignified with a bit of cellulite" statement, Daily Mail reported, adding:

"Valerie Trierweiler is a grown woman who knew these harmless photos would be taken. We simply depicted the scene of a normal couple on a beach. It’s normal to be seen in one’s swimwear on a beach."

Normal or not, shouldn't a public figure have the right to some privacy? And not have comments about their cellulite lobbed about?

Trierweiler has already won around $2,500 in damages from VSD, another magazine that published the photos, Reuters reported. When it comes to protecting one's privacy, "French law is among the most protective... and celebrities are routinely awarded damages over the publication of paparazzi pictures," Reuters stated.



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