10/05/2012 09:40 am ET

'Grey's Anatomy' Flashes Back To Show What Happened After The Plane Crash (VIDEO)

"Grey's Anatomy" took a step back to see how the doctors of Seattle Grace got from the plane crash to the state viewers found them in for the season premiere. Perhaps the most shocking revelation came from Cristina. The premiere saw her relocated to another hospital, but in the direct aftermath she went completely mute and non-responsive.

Physically she was fine, but was suffering from PTSD. When she finally opened up, at home to Owen, it was to tell the harrowing tale of the four days she was awake and tending as best she could to the other survivors -- and Lexie's body.

Viewers got to see Mark's deterioration into the vegetative state the premiere showed him in, while tragedy struck for Arizona and Callie. Arizona first railed against Alex for not being on that plane, and then against everybody at the mere thought of amputating her severely-injured leg. Callie came up with an alternate plan, but fate had other ideas.

She was in the middle of another risky surgery to try and help Derek regain full usage of his hand when Arizona's leg injury started killing her. So Callie gave the order for Alex to cut it off.

The drama continues on "Grey's Anatomy," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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