10/05/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

Martha Stewart Or Brit Morin's Crafts: Who Do You Prefer To DIY With?

26-year-old Brit Morin, the brain behind website Brit. Co., is speculated to be one of the hot young crafters that have infiltrated the DIY scene, replacing the likes of the legendary Martha Stewart, as the queen of lifestyle.

Morin, who on her website demonstrates how to make crafts and recipes in under 30 minutes, has gained a huge following through technologies like social media and apps. She's even a tech expert on “Katie” and now her fans can buy Brit Kits -- boxes filled with crafting materials that are shipped to their doors monthly.

So, could Morin really make our favorite golden girl obsolete?

She recently said in an interview with the LA Times that though she loves Stewart, she can sometimes be unrelatable. "I love Martha Stewart but she is 71 years old,” she said. "Girls in their twenties might not consider her a peer.”

But we beg differ.

While we love the idea of being introduced to fresh crafters, Stewart definitely holds a place in our hearts. And according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Stewart is getting more involved in the web with videos for Hulu, AOL and YouTube. And it even suggests the reason that “The Martha Stewart Show" was canceled was largely due to the fact that the Hallmark Channel's demographic is an older crowd, while Stewart is more appealing to youngsters.

And let’s face it, she’s BFFs with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds -- can’t really get more relevant than that.

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