10/05/2012 01:38 pm ET

Michael Scott Norris, Released Prisoner, Killed Two People: Cops

A man authorities described as a career criminal is now charged with murder after allegedly killing two people.

Michael Scott Norris, 36, was recently released from prison and was living at a re-entry center in Clearwater, Fla., when, cops say, he shot and killed 51-year-old Bruce Johnson and 36-year-old Arthur Regula on Tuesday, according to MyFoxTampaBay.

Norris, who spent the last decade behind bars for multiple burglary and armed burglary charges, turned himself in on Tuesday.

ABC News reports that Norris broke into a St. Petersburg hotel where, witnesses said, his ex-girlfriend was staying.

Norris allegedly stole a semi-automatic handgun from the motel before going to Johnson's house, where he robbed and killed the two men, then burned the house and drove away in Regula's truck, according to police.

"He was crazy," said Eddie Dominguez, a witness to the burglary, told ABC News. "He lost his mind."

Police said they found an "item" Norris left at the house that ties him to the crimes, but they declined to say what that item is.

Authorities are still unsure what motive Norris had for the killings.

"I don't know why he picked that location," Maj. Mike KovacsevK told the Tampa Bay Times. "We don't have any correlation between him and the victims."

Bruce Johnson's father told the Times he's glad the cops caught up to Norris.

"I didn't know what to do, or what end to turn," Robert Johnson said. "I just think it's great that they got him as quick they did."



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