10/05/2012 06:09 am ET

'Project Runway': Fabio Has Tim Gunn's Body Language Completely Figured Out (VIDEO)

The season has gone by so fast, and suddenly it was the last challenge on "Project Runway." The five remaining designers were tasked with seeking inspiration from different makeup muses (L'Oreal Paris' latest "Electric Fantasie" line) to create avant-garde looks.

After a season of Tim Gunn peeking in on them and offering advice, Fabio revealed that he'd really learned to read Gunn's body language, or his "stages of silence." In fact, he pretty much nailed it.

"There’s the hand on the face, then the crossed arms, and then he does that little squint with the tilt. If you get all of those, nothing good’s going to come out of his mouth," Fabio said. In this case he was right, as Gunn was not feeling his jacket design.

So Fabio literally flipped it upside down, and turned Gunn's impressions around as well. While Heidi Klum wasn't impressed with his overall look, it was enough to advance. In the end, it was Sonjia who slipped to the bottom and had to say auf wiedersehen.

The two-part finale of "Project Runway" kicks off next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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