10/05/2012 12:52 pm ET

Rob Zerban, Paul Ryan Opponent In House Race, Slams Medicare Plan In New Ad

Rob Zerban, who is challenging Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan for his Wisconsin House seat, launched a major ad buy Friday attacking Ryan's budget plan.

"Paul Ryan. His controversial budget for America has been called 'dangerous,' 'cruel' and 'deeply wrong,'" says the ad's narrator. "The Ryan plan ends Medicare; slashes funds for college loans, and gives millionaires a lavish tax cut."

"This country is stronger when we invest in the middle class. I will never cut Medicare benefits, ever," Zerban says in the ad.

Zerban's campaign is spending a significant $200,000 on the ad, which will begin airing this weekend, prior to next week's vice-presidential debate.

Ryan, while running as Mitt Romney's vice president, is also airing ads to defend his House seat. The ads show Ryan talking to voters and defending his economic views.

Under Wisconsin law, Ryan can run for both offices. If Ryan and Romney win in November, and Ryan is also reelected to the House, there will be a special election to fill his House seat.


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