10/05/2012 04:58 pm ET

Twitter Reaction To Debate: Post 50s Weigh In On First Presidential Debate

Although the first presidential election took place on stage at the University of Denver campus last night, it seems like everyone's eyes were on the debates and discussion happening on Twitter. Established and from-the-couch pundits alike flocked to the social media site to tweet their thoughts on everything from Obama's lackluster performance and Romney's fuzzy details to how to Save Big Bird's job and Jim "Wait, I'm Supposed To Be Moderating This Thing?" Lehrer's inability to keep track of two minutes.

A record 10.3 million tweets were generated during the 90-minute-long debate, according to USA Today. Post 50s jumped into the tweeting fray as well, sharing funny and insightful posts. Here were some of our favorites. Let us know in our poll or in the comments who you think won the first presidential debate.

Post 50s Respond To October 3 Debate