10/06/2012 07:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2012

Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart Debate In 'Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium'

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart faced off in a spirited debate on Saturday night.

Though the "Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium" was far from the first time the two men have duked it out, the debate lasted much longer than any of their previous on-air skirmishes, and was held at a university in Washington, DC, not on television.

It was also not free to watch: you had to pay $4.95 to have the debate livestreamed on your computer.

Moderated by former Fox News and CNN anchor ED Hill, Stewart and O'Reilly clashed over the role of government, President Obama's foreign policy, Social Security and Medicare, and the media industry, among other things.

Stewart's opening line was typical of the tenor of the exchanges: "My friend Bill O'Reilly is completely full of shit."

At another point, the two argued about whether or not America had become more of an "entitlement society" under President Obama.

"They advertise on the radio for food stamps!" O'Reilly said.

"Why is it that if you take advantage of a tax break and you're a corporation you're a smart businessman, but if you take advantage of something that you need to not be hungry, you're a moocher?" Stewart shot back.

Below, see how the debate played out in real time.

10/06/2012 9:32 PM EDT

It's Over!

What have they learned from hearing the other's point of view?

"Now I know I'm right," O'Reilly says.

"Bullshit Mountain is tall," Stewart says.

Then, advice to the youth!

"There is no time that I would rather live in than now, and there's no generation I'd rather entrust the future of this country than this one," Stewart says.

"Young pinheads," O'Reilly says. "Work hard, be honest, get off the net, go outside, travel as much as you can, find your passion, find what you're good at, and make money don't it."

And with that, the curtain falls.

10/06/2012 9:28 PM EDT

What do you respect most about your opponent?

"The man coordinates a mean outfit," Stewart says. "I appreciate the fact that a man built like a Yeti can move so fluidly."

He gets serious. "Bill comes by his principles honestly. I think he's a smart guy. I think he's a funny guy. He's enjoyable to spar with."

"Stewart, tomorrow, is going to visit the wounded troops," O'Reilly says.

10/06/2012 9:26 PM EDT

Would you consider switching jobs for a week? O'Reilly says no way! Stewart says that when you go to Fox News, everyone looks at him like they want him to take them away with him. So, no, we guess.

10/06/2012 9:25 PM EDT

How can you support any candidate with all the lies?

Everyone does it! O'Reilly says.

10/06/2012 9:25 PM EDT

There's now a reasonably wonkish discussion going on about Medicare and Social Security ... and it ends.

10/06/2012 9:22 PM EDT

O'Reilly says that the big problem is all the "haters" in the media who are driven by greed. "That has coarsened everything," he says. "There are no rules on the Internet."

10/06/2012 9:21 PM EDT

What's the biggest problem with public political discourse?

"Stewart," O'Reilly says. Stewart says that "we've lost our ability to problem-solve."

10/06/2012 9:20 PM EDT

If you could see any American elected president, who would you choose?

Clint Eastwood, O'Reilly says. "Well why don't we ask him?" Stewart says, getting out of his chair and talking to it. He then says either Clinton would be elected in a second.

10/06/2012 9:19 PM EDT

Which person do they think is "the most trusted man in America," a la Walter Cronkite?

"I just don't think that's a relevant title in a country that's so niche-oriented," Stewart says, going on to criticize Fox News.

"The absolute best journalist ever on television is the late Mike Wallace," O'Reilly says.

10/06/2012 9:17 PM EDT

Who is your political hero? Stewart: Bobby Kennedy. O'Reilly: Lincoln.



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