10/06/2012 10:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nathan Scheelhaase High-Five Denied: Illinois QB Left Hanging By Ref After Touchdown (GIF/VIDEO)

With the competency and professionalism of referees and umpires not exactly at all-time highs, the back judge in the Big Ten matchup between Illinois and Wisconsin wasn't about to be caught looking too cozy with the players.

The way it worked out, however, didn't necessarily leave him seeming any more dignified than his bumbling peers.

After rushing for a 5-yard touchdown early in the first quarter, Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase offered the back judge a high-five. Unfortunately for Scheelhaase (but fortunately for everyone who enjoys awkward officating moments), the man in stripes wanted absolutely nothing to do with the celebration. Not only did he leave Scheelhaase hanging but he nearly lost his balance attempting to evade him.

As is the case with everything that happens between the lines, there is a GIF of this moment, via

Things really never got back on track for Scheelhaase and the Illini after this missed opportunity. Wisconsin would score the next 24 points en route to a comfortable win. Of course, there was at least one Illinois fan who seemed to think that the high-five attempt made a winner of Scheelhaase regardless of the outcome.



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