10/06/2012 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rickey Carr, Dallas Man, Accused Of Counterfeiting Scam To Steal $100,000 From Seniors (VIDEO)

A man claiming to be on the hunt for counterfeit money scammed seniors in Dallas out of $100,000, cops said.

Rickey Carr, 53, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly convincing several seniors that he was a cop working to uncover a counterfeiting scam, according to NBCDFW. He's accused of asking seniors to withdraw large amounts of money so he could examine the bills to find fakes. He never brought back the cash, authorities said.

The scheme, as explained in a blog post for the Dallas Morning News, typically began with a phone call to the victim. The suspect allegedly called from a blocked number and identified himself as a police officer looking into bank fraud. He then asked them to withdraw money and meet him somewhere to make the exchange.

The Dallas Observer contends that Carr's mugshot does not scream "police officer."

"One's first impression upon looking at his picture is probably not 'Hey, he looks just like a police officer!' or 'Finally! Someone who can tell me if this pile of cash I have is real,'" writes Eric Nicholson.

Carr is charged with theft by deception, a felony.

WATCH a video that cops say shows Carr scamming one of his victims:



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