10/07/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

Bartlet Advises Obama: Aaron Sorkin Has 'West Wing' Character Help The President

"The West Wing's" President Jed Bartlet, one of America's favorite fictional presidents, is weighing in on President Obama's first debate performance against Governor Mitt Romney.

In a New York Times piece, Maureen Dowd says she spoke with "The West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin about Obama's debate performance and he said he was angry. So, what'd he do? Dream up a fictional conversation between Obama and his "West Wing" character.

The account, which also includes appearances from Sorkin's "The Newsroom" character Will McAvoy and PBS's Jim Lehrer, takes place at Bartlet's New Hampshire farmhouse. In it, Bartlet (originally played by Martin Sheen) busts Obama's chops about smoking and debate prep.

"They told you to make sure you didn’t seem condescending, right? They told you, 'First, do no harm,' and in your case that means don’t appear condescending, and you bought it," Bartlet says. "'Cause for the American right, condescension is the worst crime you can commit."

His advice? Appear condescending. Click over to the New York Times to read the full scene.

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