10/07/2012 09:05 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Seven Slithery Pieces Of Snake Jewelry That We Are Super Into For Fall (PHOTOS)

Slither on over, baby.

Snakes are not something that I particularly enjoy thinking about. But when I saw Aurelie Bidermann's gold snake jewelry, I changed my mind. (Well, the live ones can remain in far-away lands or behind thick glass at the zoo.)

Snakes in fashion are nothing new. Gold snake jewelry was popular amongst the Greeks and Romans, as the animal is thought to represent fertility and ward off evil. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the OG power woman, was allegedly killed by a self-inflicted snakebite, and much of the artwork that depicts the ancient ruler includes the slithery reptiles. Other cultures believe that snakes represent eternity, and the animals have been celebrated for their healing powers in centuries past.

I'll take healing powers and protection against evil, especially if it comes in the form of a snake-adorned Lanvin dress. Whatever the case, we are seeking serpents for fall. Here, seven snake-themed pieces of jewelry that are begging to be worn.

Style 7: Snakes

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