10/08/2012 10:24 am ET

Can I Date A Republican?

I met the guy I’ll call Nick at a New Year’s party last year. He was tall, good-looking with a short haircut and strong jaw line. He smiled at me and, emboldened by a little champagne, I introduced myself. He was an Army veteran of Iraq, and I assumed he was a Republican, but that didn’t deter me. Hey, he was cute.

I’m an avowed liberal, actively engaged in politics and elections. I volunteered for the Democrats in 2006 (to oust Rick Santorum) and Obama in 2008. But I often find myself drawn to men of the opposite party. Maybe it’s the forbidden nature of it, the secret thrill I feel knowing that my friends would never date a Republican. Maybe I’m attracted to strong men with stronger opinions. Maybe I just like a challenge.

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