10/08/2012 02:24 pm ET

Does Obamacare Mean The End Of The Pill?

Before August 2012, long-term birth control options like an IUD or contraception implant could cost hundreds of dollars. But since the Affordable Care Act began mandating that contraception be completely covered by insurers, women can now get these options for no cost at all. Will Obamacare make IUDs — the most effective form of birth control but also the most expensive upfront — the go-to choice of contraception for women across America?

A study released this week in Obstretrics and Gynecology looked at the overall effects on pregnancy and abortion when contraception is offered at no cost. They found many positive results — primarily that pregnancy and abortion rates dropped dramatically. But another point stood out: when cost wasn't an issue, the great majority of women chose an IUD or implant. Implants are placed under the skin, while IUDs are inserted into the vagina. Although less than 7% of women across the country use IUDs or implants as their primary form of birth control, over 75% of women in the study chose one of those two options.

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