10/08/2012 02:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Flip Food In A Pan Like A Chef, Without Spilling Everything Everywhere (VIDEO)

Getty Images

Ever wondered how chefs flip food around in saute pans like it's no big deal? Ever tried it and lost 20 mushrooms within the cracks of your stovetop? Chef Jon over at Food Wishes made a video to keep you from continually messing this up.

Learning this trick is not only about showing off how smooth you are in the kitchen (although there is nothing wrong with showing that off, you guys). Flipping food spatula-free will save you dishwashing time, since you're not using another utensil, and will also help to incorporate salt, pepper, or whatever else you add to the pan.

It seems so simple when he's doing it with cheese balls, right? As with everything, practice makes perfect. Just remember the mantra: back and forth, not up and down. Don't be afraid to drop a few cheese balls now and again and happy flipping!

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