10/08/2012 08:09 am ET

Ryanair Angers Passengers After Italian 'Mafia' City Comment

Italian passengers on a Ryanair flight from Paris to Bari were infuriated after a flight attendant referred to the Italian city as a "mafia" town, AFP reports.

"Welcome on board this Ryanair flight from Paris Beauvais to Bari, the city of mafia bosses and Saint Nicholas," the attendant reportedly said.

As The Telegraph reports, Bari is the capital of the Puglia region, which is a center for one of Italy's four main mafia groups, the Sacra Corona Unita, but truth was no defense for the flight attendant. Passengers wrote to the company, denouncing the crack as offensive.

"I feel terribly offended by the ridiculous way that you treat your passengers," one woman wrote, according to the paper.

Ryanair Communicaitions Director Stephen McNamara said that the airline "does not agree with these comments and will certainly address the problem with the employee concerned. Ryanair apologizes for any offense it might have caused," according to Italian news agency AGI.

Last month, Ryanair's controversial CEO Michael O'Leary ticked a bunch of people off when he called thousands of passengers "idiots" and saying they are "stupid" for not printing their boarding passes ahead of time. He likely did not make any friends when he complained about paying too much in baggage fees either.

At least these other flight attendants seem unobjectionable.



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