10/08/2012 07:19 am ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

'The Amazing Race 21': Twins Natalie & Nadiya Get Gross With Dead Fish (VIDEO)

Easily one of the loudest and most boisterous teams on "The Amazing Race" this year, twins Natalie & Nadiya proved how tough they are as competitors by tackling a challenge that probably had most viewers thankful they didn't have Smell-O-Vision. While their race buddies Trey & Lexi took on an ice hauling challenge, the twins decided to set up a fish market booth.

Even Phil was disgusted by the stench pouring off of them when they reached the mat, but the girls threw themselves into the challenge with gusto. Their partnership with Trey & Lexi, or "Texas," turned into a friendly rivarly as the two fought for first place in the leg, and the coveted Express Pass.

In the end, it was the twins who hugged a reluctant Phil and enjoyed the pungent odor of victory. "Texas" came in right behind them.

In this leg, bad taxi drivers proved disastrous for several teams, including the team that wound up eliminated. Amy & Daniel came in a very close 2nd place in the first leg, and even left the balloon challenge this week in 2nd place. But it took them forever to get to the next challenge, and ultimately cost them their spot in the game.

"The Amazing Race" continues on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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