10/09/2012 10:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10/9/12 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to discuss all of the day's polls -- what they tell us about the election, their methodological strengths and weaknesses, notable findings others have missed or whatever else you want to talk about. Each day's open thread will appear in the morning and remain open for 24 hours. We also encourage you to use the "favorite" button to identify the most interesting or insightful comments.

Monday featured comment
“Individual polls tend to get a bit erratic to say the least when major changes in the race occur, so it's probably best to wait a few more days to see how the Romney bounce plays out and if it has indeed receeded. The Pew numbers are a bit of a shock I'll admit but it's just one poll, and if there aren't many polls in subsequent days that support it (bearing in mind particularly that most of Pew's fieldwork was carried out at the apparent height of the Romney bounce on Friday/Saturday) it's probably just an outlier. I do wonder if unskewedpolls.com is going to 'unskew' Pew to reflect the Rasmussen party ID trends though.
The state level polling looks ok for Obama at the moment though with what appear to have been big day to day changes it's tough to really get a good idea of what's going on. On balance I'd say Obama's probably just about ahead after a very poor polling day Friday, but we'll get a better idea by midweek.” - cwpiper