10/09/2012 03:22 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

'90210' Premiere: Lori Loughlin Returns To Learn Dixon's Fate After His Accident (VIDEO)

With all the wild things that went down in the "90210" season finale, there was really only one major question going into the Season 5 premiere: Did Dixon survive the car crash? Lori Loughlin reprised her role as his adopted mother Debbie, who returned to find that Dixon is alive, but still fighting for his life.

"His condition is stable. But he has sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury to his neck, which means his ability to walk and the use of his hands will be affected," his doctor explained to Debbie. It's too soon to see if he'll be paralyzed.

And even though their relationship is definitely over -- she even slept with someone else to prove it! -- Adrianna was nevertheless by Dixon's side as well. She even got her manager's blessing.

Zap2It was glad to see that Dixon made it through that car crash, writing, "It's good to know that Dix will be okay (eventually), and that the Wilsons are a normal family because Debbie came back to be at her children's side."

All the drama of the new season unfolds on "90210," Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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