10/09/2012 01:49 pm ET

Amir Khan, Professional Boxer, Knocks Out Thief Who Tried To Steal His Range Rover

Ding ding ding ding!

A gang of thieves out to swipe an expensive Range Rover chose the wrong victim, according to The Telegraph.

Amir Kahn -- the former light welterweight world champion -- and his brother Haroon were jumped by an armed group of about six men Sunday in Birmingham, England. The gang reportedly tried to block Kahn's SUV with their vehicle and then steal his, but instead they got a vicious beating.

The Sun reports that the only thug to try and land a punch on Kahn got a face full of fist.

"One slapped Amir and clipped him on the lip, but Amir pulled back and knocked him out cold," a witness told the site. "Then five of them went for Amir and Haroon — but they stood their ground and these guys got dropped one by one."

With one of the assailants out cold, the Kahns fled in their vehicle. One of the perps allegedly smashed their rear window, but they made it out safely.

Lately, professional fighters are getting plenty of real-world experience. Last week, WWE star Shawn Daivari subdued a train passenger who went berserk just outside of Minneapolis. Daivari put the crazed man in a choke hold, squeezing his neck so hard he peed himself.

And in other boxing news, Patricia "Tanning Mom" Krentcil has challenged Nadya "Octomom" Suleman to a couple of rounds in the ring. Read that HuffPost Weird News exclusive here.



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