10/09/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Butt-Chugging T-Shirt: Clothing Makes Fun Of Tennessee Phenomenon


Hello, everyone. So, now there is a butt-chugging t-shirt.

Are you crying tears of joy? Now, everyone's favorite scandal that everyone now denies is commemorated in clothing form. The t-shirt features an orange dog (perhaps/definitely an allusion to the Tennessee Volunteers, whose team color is orange and whose mascot is a hound) with a funnel in its rear. The image first surfaced on Reddit and inspired a certain amount of chagrin among the commenters.

"I was super stoked about my UTK application, and then all this happened...slightly less stoked :(" a commenter called Vols4Life, said on the thread.

buttchugging tshirt