10/09/2012 06:14 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2012

CM Punk Attacks Fan During WWE 'Monday Night Raw' (VIDEO)

The World Wrestling Entertainment's "Monday Night Raw" seems to have gotten a bit too real this week when wrestler CM Punk went into the stands near the end of the show and hit a fan.

CM Punk fought WWE patriarch Vince McMahon on Monday and TMZ reports that incident occurred after a match. As can be seen in this video, Punk went into the stands where a couple fans began to shove him. Eventually, Punk turned around and struck a spectator.

As initially reported by one fan named Dario Teyes admitted on Twitter that he punched Punk in the kidney and provoked him to hit an innocent bystander.

WARNING: Unedited Tweets Below Contain OFFENSIVE Language

Per TMZ, the victim contacted police and said he didn't suffer any major injuries but he did have some pain in his knees.

The WWE released a statement about the incident. Via Deadspin:

During last night's Raw televised event, WWE Superstar CM Punk exited the ring into the stands as part of the show. WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk's persona as a ‘bad guy,' fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck in him in the kidney and on the back. WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment. Other than this isolated incident, WWE always provides proper security to ensure the safety of our fans and our performers.

Of course, given the reputation of the WWE it may raise eyebrows that CM Punk embroiled himself in controversy on the same day that his DVD comes out.



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