10/09/2012 09:53 pm ET

Detroit Tigers History: Memorable Moments From Detroit's Baseball Glory Days (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

There's no question that Tigers fever has reached epidemic proportions once again in Metro Detroit. As this year's American League Central Division champs battle their way through the playoffs towards a much-hoped-for World Series victory, it's a great time to brush up on the glory days of the Detroit Tigers teams who came before them. To this end, The Huffington Post has cobbled together a slideshow of some of the greatest past moments of the Detroit Tigers' history.


Many of the images included below are from William Anderson's book, "The Glory Years of the Detroit Tigers 1920 - 1950." The collection is an impressive archive of photographs and documents from early Tigers history. It was released this past June by Wayne State University Press.

Although Anderson's book covers the Tigers' World Series wins in 1935 and 1945, HuffPost also wanted to feature some material from the team's more recent wins. So, we've dug up some video documenting the 1968 and 1984 Tigers. Included here are clips of Marvin Gaye singing the national anthem in 1968, the "Go Get Em Tigers" theme song from that year, and an amusing "Bless You Boys" promo video from 1984, plus clips from all four championship years. These times may be long gone, but we hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Great Moments From Detroit Tigers' History