10/09/2012 01:29 pm ET

Justin Bieber Plays Beer Pong


Justin Bieber may have skipped the traditional college experience after graduating high school last May -- or passing the equivalency test -- but it doesn't mean he's missing out on its extracurriculars, according to TMZ.

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TMZ released a photo of the Biebs surrounded by older friends and standing in front of a five-rack. While not holding a beer, (and why would you: suicide cup) it's unlikely he's just passing through and watching in that position.

Bieber told GQ in June that he's had a few beers but doesn't like to get out of control. Fair enough, if you're one of the most watched celebrities in the world. The big question, according to the people who ask these kinds of questions, is in which country the game was held. In many, he'd be underage. The other big topic was his backpack.

Why was he wearing it? Doesn't it look childish, the Daily Mail asks. How did your freshman self carry beer around? Just go easy, buddy, and keep that stage clean.