10/13/2012 09:40 am ET

'My Little Pony Project' Hester Pop-Up Shop Updates The Retro Toys (PHOTOS)

Don't lie, you had a My Little Pony. You spent hours combing its tail with those pastel plastic brushes and chanting "Friendship is magic!" like an adorable toddler cult leader. You tucked her away in a cardboard box when high school started, lost track of her in college and maybe even forgot about little Alphabittle.

But in the words of Ryan Gosling: "It wasn't over, it still isn't over." This weekend, my Little Pony is back with a neon-tinged vengeance for "My Little Pony Project 2012," a ponylicious pop-up shop taking over The Hester in New York. These 80s nostalgia-inducing figurines are all made over for the new millenium, complete with graffiti, metallic accents and what may resemble BDSM gear. Whatever floats your boat, ponies. We love you forever!

Check out the new and improved ponies below and make sure to see them in person at the My Little Pony charity art exhibition and beauty bar, at the Eventi Hotel, October 13-15 in New York.

My Little Pony