10/09/2012 11:55 am ET

'StarStar Me,' New Sprint Service Bucks Traditional 10-Digit Phone Numbers

How many of us remember more than a handful of phone numbers?

With the rise of mobile phones, memorizing 10-digit numbers (and telephone calls, in general) are becoming increasingly rare. Thus, Sprint and Zoove have partnered together in hopes of bringing a new communicative tool to mobile users called StarStar Me.

The system replaces a complicated mobile number with the recipient's first name. For $2.99 per month, my personal phone number through the StarStar service could be **BRITNEY(**2748639). Instead of giving out my full 10 digits, I'd simply state "StarStar" along with my name in order to connect with people.

“StarStar Me allows consumers to choose a name, nickname or unique word in place of their mobile phone number — then people can call them on their mobile phone by simply tapping the star key twice on the phone’s keypad, followed by the name, nickname, or unique word they chose, using keypad letters or characters," Sprint stated in a press release on Monday.

"StarStar Me also offers users the ability to automatically respond to calls with a custom text message when they're busy, as well as a unique way to share links to their blog, website or social media accounts," the company's press release goes on to say.

Of course this does leave us to wonder if we'd actually want our real names to be the unique word for our StarStar Me accounts. How many Britney's are there in the world? (I can assure you, far too many.) So would I really want my personal number to be that assessable?

Wired also points out that by creating an odd username, such as **britfit or **britfNY, our StarStar Me usernames aren't "any easier to remember than Twitter handles, email addresses and the other alternatives that are already killing the phone call in the first place."

Still, the service is also offering a free app to help you manage the new vanity number with features that include automatic text back, number blocking and an easy-to-send contact sheet -- all of which could be quite handy for the average smartphone user.

The Android app is currently available from Google Play, while the iOS version is set to launch soon.

“We are enthusiastic about this strategic collaboration with Sprint,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove, per a press release. "The goal of StarStar is to enhance people’s lives using simple technologies."

We'll have to wait and see how simple this technology truly makes our lives. If you're interested, Sprint has created a webpage to check a word's availability (here), or you can dial **ME(**63) to sign up.

What do you think about this new way to connect? Will it make life easier, or is this be just another fee to add to an already growing phone bill? Sound off in the comments section or tweet us @HuffPostTech. Then check out the slideshow (below) for a look at some futuristic devices we can't wait to see.

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[Hat Tip: TechCrunch]

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