10/09/2012 11:45 am ET

The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco Hosts Travels With Journey

The perfect pet friendly choice for any occasion!

High on a hill it calls to me. The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco remains one of the most prestigious stays in all America. Dignitaries, presidents, heads of state, celebrities even  members of the royal family have enjoyed the view.
Between the grand street entrance which overlooks the entire city,  flags flying from all nations and  all the helpful bellmen, (at least six were on duty) we were swept  back in time  into a world that once welcomed only society’s upper class.

“Welcome Journey! You’re about to become one of our dog ambassadors.” We were greeted by Melissa Farrar, a public relations emissary. A quick tour through the magnificent lobby, onto the various gardens, one in particular where we discovered a live and thriving apiary which contained over 200,000 bees; all part of a sustainable program developed by Fairmont chef JW Foster.