10/09/2012 06:49 am ET

Vanessa Williams Guesses Plastic Surgery NYC 'Housewives' Have Had On 'Watch What Happens Live' (VIDEO)

These days, as Olivia Doran on "666 Park Avenue," Vanessa Williams may just be able to help people realize their wishes -- though with perhaps their soul in the bargain. Perhaps this helped her judge what many women do to realize the wish of looking younger longer. On "Watch What Happens Live" she admitted, as well,that she was no stranger to botox.

So who better to help Andy Cohen and fellow guest RuPaul analyze which cast members of "The Real Housewives of New York City" might have had plastic surgery? She definitely didn't shy away from presenting her informed opinions.

Of Aviva Williams, Williams speculated she'd had a little work on her upper lip, forehead and crow's feet. One "Housewife" came through the scrutiny with Williams blessing that she looked natural: the Countless LuAnn. That said, RuPaul didn't think so.

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