10/10/2012 05:07 pm ET

'Argo' Behind-The-Scenes Clip Shows President Jimmy Carter

Movie fanatics and policy wonks alike are buzzing over Ben Affleck’s "Argo," the true-life thriller about a special CIA exfiltration mission during the Iran hostage crisis. And the fact that “exfiltration” is a word is just one of the exciting things you’ll learn from a new behind-the-scenes video, which — lest you doubt the veracity of "Argo‘s" far-out plot — features no less a source than former President Jimmy Carter chatting about the harebrained scheme to rescue a crew of diplomats using a fake movie. The video also features Ben Affleck saying: “My name is Tony Mendez. This is what I do. I get people out. And I’ve never left anyone behind.” You could say he has a very particular set of skills. Skills that he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you.

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