10/11/2012 08:21 am ET

Daniel Selmon Lit Bonfire To Keep His Marijuana Plants Warm: Illinois Police

Daniel Selmon wanted to protect his plants from a fall frost so he lit a bonfire to keep them warm.

The problem for him is that the plants were allegedly marijuana and the sight of a burning fire at 3 a.m. attracted police in Aurora, Ill.

Once the cops smoked out Selmon, they arrested him for possession of three pot plants, reported.

The responding cops investigating the marijuana matter learned that Selmon set the bonfires in an attempt to keep the weed warm in the cold weather, the Beacon News reported.

Officers seized the plants, which weighed about 6.5 pounds, or 2,948 grams. The street value of the marijuana was not available, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Selmon was charged with felony possession of cannabis and misdemeanor production of cannabis, and is currently in jail in lieu of $30,000 bail.

This is just the latest wacky weed case that has sprouted in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, an elderly British couple was discovered to have unwittingly grown a monstrous cannabis plant in their yard after buying what they thought was an innocuous green bush at a flea market.

In Germany, a 74-year-old German farmer planted bird food containing hemp seeds and ended up with an accidental 10-foot-high cannabis crop, Newser reported.



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