10/10/2012 12:38 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2012

Etsy Updates Its Privacy Policy And Security Settings

We woke up to an email from the website this morning.

Like many Etsy users, we woke up to an email from the website this morning revealing updates to its privacy policy and security settings. And there are some major changes.

Users will now be able to find and be found by Facebook friends on Etsy. But more importantly, the website will also be tracking sellers and buyers' online activities outside of Etsy to help personalize their user experiences.

While there could be a sense of worry regarding personal information, the e-tailer has added three new optional security settings including a two-factor authentication, which allows users to have two passwords and two ways of accessing their accounts. You can now also log out of your account anywhere if you’ve forgotten to on multiple or public computers. In addition, the site added a SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, which means your information will “pass through an additional layer of encryption to prevent interruption or access from anyone other than you or Etsy.”

This isn’t the first change Etsy has made this year. Back in August the website updated its prohibited items list to include human remains and poison, along with other not so friendly objects.