10/10/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Flavor Labs Know What You're Craving And Will Give You What You Want (AUDIO)

Last year, "60 Minutes" aired a fascinating segment on flavor factories, and why snack foods taste the way they do. One employee explained that there was a lot of secrecy involved.

Now, we learn a bit more about how these flavor labs work from a Marketplace radio segment:

Marketplace reporter Audrey Quinn learns that there's a demand for Latin and Asian flavors and the competition to develop new flavors is fierce. People are also craving bolder, more intense flavors, whether that is present in snack food seasoning or ice cream ingredients. Every year, most food manufacturers introduce a couple of new varieties to stay on top of current marketing trends.

Based on the large amount of packages we get sent from public relation teams, the HuffPost Food team can attest to the constant extension and flavor evolutions of various food brands. But sometimes, innovation isn't always a good thing.