10/10/2012 03:20 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Frank Ocean Tops Kanye West For 'AskMen's Top 49 Most Influential Men' List

Despite popular belief, Kanye West is not leading the pack among the list of this year’s influential men. In fact, fellow Odd Future affiliate and singer-songwriter, Frank Ocean topped the multi-platinum rapper for AskMen’s 2012 'Top 49 Most Influential Men' list.

According to the lifestyle website, British fictional character, James Bond came out on top for the seventh annual list, followed by Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt and former U.S. President, Bill Clinton nailing at number two and three, respectively. While Frank Ocean netted at number 8, leaving West in his trail at 31.

After a month of more than 500,000 votes, the list was curated by readers who determined which influential public male figure made the biggest impact this year, while also defining what it means to be a man of influence in 2012.

“Despite the regular reminders that our gender has reached its end, AskMen's Top 49 list offers up plenty of examples of men who have sustained success -- and others who found it anew through reinventing themselves, just as many of our readers have had to in recent years,” AskMen Editor-in-chief, James Bassil said in a press release.

“Through 2012, Top 49 staples like Kanye West and Jose Mourinho have kept building on what they've always been good at, while new arrivals like Snoop Lion have yielded their influence through new paths. We're especially excited to see adventurers like Elon Musk and Felix Baumgartner on the final list -- bring on the new space age!”

Speaking of carving his own niche in the industry, Ocean was spotted in the studio this week alongside Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams. The hittmaker posted a photo of the trio via his Twitter account stating; "Yessur, in the studio with @S_C_ and @frank_ocean. Can't wait for y'all to hear what I'm working on with big bro @S_C_ and lil bro @frank_ocean."

Check out this year’s complete list over at AskMen.



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