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Indian Recipes To Spice Up Your Life

Try your hand at making Indian food. We promise, it's not as hard as you might think.

We're huge fans of Indian food here at HuffPost Taste. It's spicy, earthy, saucy and filling. With such a wide range of dishes and styles, it's impossible to get bored with Indian food -- in fact, it's hard to even scratch the surface.

While we're no stranger to eating Indian food, we wish we were better versed in cooking it. The flavors are so layered and complex that cooking Indian food ourselves sometimes feels a little daunting. As such, we find ourselves all-too inclined to seek out our favorite Indian restaurants rather than whipping up Indian food at home. But no longer! It's time to start bringing these awesome scents and flavors into our own kitchens.

Approaching a culinary tradition practiced by an entire nation can seem daunting. For starters, blanketing all of India's cuisine under one, small menu would be as glaring an error as leaving the differences between Southern food and Midwestern dinners unacknowledged. Still, you have to start somewhere, which is why we've rounded up recipes for some of our favorite Indian dishes -- from dals to desserts to curries.

And speaking of curry, allow us to debunk a myth. The word does not only refer to curry powder -- the potent yellow stuff that evokes a love-it-or-hate-it response. "Curry" actually refers to a number of Southeastern dishes that involve a combination of spices. They can be "wet" (heavy on the sauce) or "dry." Armed with this knowledge about curry, you're already on your way to learning more about Indian cooking.

To go one step further, check out these 38 delicious Indian recipes:

  • 1 Methi Murgh
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Methi Murgh</a> recipe from Indian Simmer</s
    Indian Simmer
    Get the Methi Murgh recipe from Indian Simmer
  • 2 Aloo Gobi Paratha
    <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_blank">Aloo Gobi Paratha</a> re
    Veg Recipes Of India
    Get the Aloo Gobi Paratha recipe from Veg Recipes Of India
  • 3 Saag Paneer
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Saag Paneer</a> recipe from Black Dog Food Blog</strong>
    Black Dog Food Blog
    Get the Saag Paneer recipe from Black Dog Food Blog
  • 4 Indian Curry Paste
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Indian Curry Paste</a> recipe from Indi
    Indian Simmer
    Get the Indian Curry Paste recipe from Indian Simmer
  • 5 Palak Kachori
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Palak Kachori</a> r
    Indian Simmer
    Get the Palak Kachori recipe from Indian Simmer
  • 6 Spinach & Radish Thepla
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Spinach & Radish Thepla</a> recipe fr
    Lite Bites
    Get the Spinach & Radish Thepla recipe from Lite Bites
  • 7 Dal Makhani
    <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_blank">Dal Makhani</a> re
    Veg Recipes Of India
    Get the Dal Makhani recipe from Veg Recipes Of India
  • 8 Masoor Dal (Lentil Curry)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Masoor Dal</a> recipe from He Needs Food</strong>
    He Needs Food
    Get the Masoor Dal recipe from He Needs Food
  • 9 Mung Dal And Paneer Samosas (Lentil And Cheese Stuffed Pastries)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">
    US Masala
    Get the Mung Dal and Paneer Samosas recipe from US Masala
  • 10 Methi Matar Malai
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Methi Matar Malai</a>
    Veg Recipes of India
    Get the Methi Matar Malai recipe from Veg Recipes of India
  • 11 Chicken Tikka Masala
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Chicken Tikka Masala</a> recipe from Manu's Menu</str
    Manu's menu
    Get the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe from Manu's Menu
  • 12 Naan
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Naan</a> recipe from JoCooks</strong>
    Get the Naan recipe from JoCooks
  • 13 Samosas
    <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_blank">Samosa</a> recipe fr
    Veg Recipes Of India
    Get the Samosa recipe from Veg Recipes Of India
  • 14 Garam Masala
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Garam Masala</a> recipe from
    Get the Garam Masala recipe from eCurry
  • 15 Tandoori Chicken
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Tandoori Chicken</a> recipe from Simply Reem</stro
    Simply Reem
    Get the Tandoori Chicken recipe from Simply Reem
  • 16 A Simple Homey, Coconut-y Red Lentil Dal
    <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_blank">A Simple Ho
    Get the A Simple Homey, Coconut-y Red Lentil Dal recipe by Nicholas from Food52
  • 17 Cucumber-Mint Raita
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Cucumber-Mint Raita</a> recipe from Simpl
    Simply Recipes
    Get the Cucumber-Mint Raita recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 18 Chana Masala (Chickpea Curry)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Chana Masa
    Get the Chana Masala recipe from Herbivoracious
  • 19 Spicy Mango Chutney
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Spicy mango Chutney</a> recipe from Confe
    Confections of a Foodie Bride
    Get the Spicy mango Chutney recipe from Confections of a Foodie Bride
  • 20 Vegetable Biryani
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Vegetable Biryani<
    Rak's Kitchen
    Get the Vegetable Biryani recipe from Rak's Kitchen
  • 21 Mushroom Tikka Masala
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Mushroom Tikka Masala</a> recipe
    Rasa Malaysia
    Get the Mushroom Tikka Masala recipe from Rasa Malaysia
  • 22 Sambar (Spicy South Indian Vegetable Stew)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Sambar</a> recipe from The Tiffin B
    The Tiffin Box
    Get the Sambar recipe from The Tiffin Box
  • 23 Semiya Payasam
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Semiya Payasam</a> recipe from Rak's
    Rak's Kitchen
    Get the Semiya Payasam recipe from Rak's Kitchen
  • 24 Mango Kulfi (Ice Cream)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Mango Kulfi</a> recipe from Kurry Leaves</s
    Kurry Leaves
    Get the Mango Kulfi recipe from Kurry Leaves
  • 25 Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">
    Get the Rogan Josh recipe from Plateful
  • 26 Jalebi
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Jalebi</a> recipe fro
    Indian Simmer
    Get the Jalebi recipe from Indian Simmer
  • 27 Dosa (Lentil And Rice Crepes)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Dosa</a> recipe from Veggie Belly</stro
    Veggie Belly
    Get the Dosa recipe from Veggie Belly
  • 28 Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower And Potatoes)
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Aloo Gobi</a> re
    What's for Lunch, Honey?
    Get the Aloo Gobi recipe from What's for Lunch, Honey?
  • 29 Sweet Lassi
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Sweet Lassi</a> recipe from Veg Recipes
    Veg Recipes of India
    Get the Sweet Lassi recipe from Veg Recipes of India
  • 30 Goan Shrimp Curry
    <strong>Get the <a href="">Goan Shrimp Curry</a> recipe from Seas
    Get the Goan Shrimp Curry recipe from Seasaltwithfood

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