10/10/2012 04:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Katie Holmes' Leggings Come Out In The Rain (PHOTO)

We don't have much in common with Katie Holmes (but what we would do for those cheekbones...). But we and Katie all had the same idea on Wednesday when we awoke to a very cold, very rainy New York City morning: comfort is key.

We at HuffPost Style chose to combat the chill with oversized sweaters, but Katie went bold with the ever controversial leggings-as-pants. The working mom was seen dropping lil' Suri off at her fancy new school, Avenues (read all about it here) this morning, with Suri looking cute as a button in her preppy uniform.

The six-year-old even wrote about it* on her blog, Suri's Burn Book:

I’ve got this school uniform thing under control. It’s all about accessories, a good tailored fit, and non-drowsy Benadryl to keep your skin from rebelling against retail fabric.

Meanwhile, Katie thinks leggings are pants. Go figure.

Way harsh, Suri. It's a crappy day out and your mom's got to take you to class -- perhaps we can allow for some sartorial leeway?

A quick errand in the rain is, after all, one of the only moments in which leggings-as-pants are acceptable. Walking to work, on the other hand, is not. Pippa Middleton, take note.

Check out Katie's outfit below -- do you approve?

*While we'd love to pretend Suri pens her own Tumblr, the post was likely written by the very clever Allie Hagan.

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