10/10/2012 05:09 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Muse & Pink Floyd? Matt Bellamy Says His Tour Is Inspired By 'The Wall'

Muse is flexing its creative muscle with the stage design for its upcoming international tour, resulting in a colorful mix of aliens, kung-fu and, yes, Pink Floyd.

Singer Matt Bellamy told CBS that the band's upcoming tour will be their version of the 1980 Pink Floyd "The Wall" tour, a massive undertaking that accompanied that band's 1979 double album of the same name. The show was praised for its impressive stage set that included a gigantic, white painted brick wall that stretched across the length of the stage.

Muse was heavily inspired by the theatrics of the "The Wall" tour and have constructed an extensive set that incorporates lights and digital elements.

"We've built this upside down pyramid structure which is full of video screens," said Bellamy. "Throughout the gig, it gradually comes down and consumes the band. So we end up eaten up by this pyramid thing, which is all very symbolic, of course."

The LED screens will move and morph into different shapes until the band eventually blasts out of the structure, escaping from the pyramid and adding to the "big experience" of the show.

Drummer Dom Howard previously shared details about the tour with the BBC Newsbeat saying, along with pyramids, the show will also feature "dancing aliens" and a little kung-fu action from him.

The international tour will kickoff on October 16 in France.

The band bumped Mumford and Sons from the top spot on the UK Official Album Chart on Sunday following the release of their sixth album "The 2nd Law." The album sold 108,000 copies in its first week.

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