10/10/2012 09:43 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2012

Praq Rado, Undocumented Actor, Arrested Going To Film About Undocumented Immigrants

Oh, the irony.

Praq Rado, an undocumented actor from Albania, was arrested by an immigration official on his way to a screening of "Dreaming American," a short film about his journey to America.

East Hampton Patch reports that Rado, whose legal last name is Radoina, was nabbed on a train in Buffalo while traveling to the East Hamptons Film Festival on Thursday.

Lee Percy, the film's director, said he was wary of Rado appearing at the festival, even though the actor has lived in America for 11 years.

"I tried to warn him off, but he was excited about this festival," Percy said.

A post on Rado's Facebook wall warns about what could happen to Rado if he is deported.

"If he is sent back to Albania, not only will he be separated from his loved ones forever but his now public persona may further endanger his life," the post said. "Albania may have officially proclaimed support for freedom of ideas, but the everyday possibility of persecution and death remains very common and very real."

Rado's friends have rallied behind him by mounting a "last-ditch effort" to help him stay in the country until his petition to re-open his immigration case can be heard.

"Years of employment, a long-term relationship and a promising career in the arts might all be ruined," the post said. "Praq Rado’s dreaming American may all be for nothing."

UPDATE: A previous version of this story quoted a Facebook post that incorrectly stated there was no administrative order of removal for Rado. Records indicate that his legal last name is Radoina.

Praq Rado