10/11/2012 09:26 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Ronald Reagan Hologram Won't Be A Pro-Romney Stunt, Creator Says

What better way to invigorate Republicans than to bring Ronald Reagan back to life?

At the least that’s what organizers of the Republican National Convention were thinking in August when they tapped the same company that created the Tupac Shakur hologram to debut a holographic projection of Reagan before a crowd of convention-goers.

The plans were leaked to the press and ultimately fell apart for one reason or another. And shortly after the RNC wrapped up, Digital Domain Media Group, the company behind the holograms, went bankrupt.

But that hasn’t defused the efforts of Troy Reynolds, the man who originally dreamt up Reagan’s resurrection and who remains committed to making the hologram happen, he told the New Republic magazine Tuesday.

Reynolds, an Ohio-based Web developer and longtime Reagan enthusiast, came up with the idea after watching Tupac’s hologram perform at the Coachella music festival. He contacted AV Concepts, a partner of Digital Domain in the Tupac project, and began raising money for a Reagan version via the crowdfunding platform, A KickIn Crowd.

In addition, Reynolds obtained the rights to a Reagan speech discussing small business, which he plans to broadcast during the hologram’s inaugural appearance, according to Yahoo News.

But Reynolds said he won’t bring the former president back to 3-D life before Election Day, the New Republic reported. See Reynolds is a registered independent, and he doesn’t want the hologram to be used in the coming weeks as a pro-Romney gimmick, according to the magazine.

Early next year is reportedly Reynold’s target date for a Reagan resurrection.



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